Spotlight 2015

Spotlight (2016) คนข่าวคลั่ง

Spotlight In 1976, in a Boston Police station two officers debate the arrest of Fr. John Geoghan for child molestation. A prominent cleric speaks with the mother of the child. The assistant district attorney enters the precinct to inform officers not to reveal to the media what happened. The arrest is not made public and Geoghan is released.

In the year 2001, Marty Baron, the new managing editor of The Boston Globe, meets Walter “Robby” Robinson, the editor of the newspaper’s “Spotlight” investigation team. After Baron is exposed to an article in the Globe report about an attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, charging that Cardinal Bernard Law, the Archbishop of Boston knew about Geoghan’s abuse of children and did not do anything to stop Geoghan, Baron urges the Spotlight team to examine. Michael Rezendes, a journalist, calls Garabedian. Garabedian initially declines to speak to him. Rezendes refuses to speak, but Rezendes says to Garabedian that he’s part of the Spotlight team. Spotlight HD

The Spotlight team initially believed they were investigating the case of one priest who was moved to different assignments several times. However, they discover the pattern of sexual assault by other priests in Massachusetts and as in a continuing concealment by the Boston Archdiocese. Through Phil Saviano who is the head of the group of victims’ rights called Survivors Network of the Abuse by Priests (SNAP) The team is led to widen their scope to 13 priests. They learn through Richard Sipe, former priest who has worked to end sexual abuse of priests, that Sipe’s findings suggest that there are approximately 90 abusive priests in Boston (6 percent of priests). In the course of their research team, they create a list of 87 names and begin to locate victims to confirm their suspicions.

The investigation starts to affect the team Reporter Matt Carroll learns one of the priest treatment centers are on the same block as the home of his family however he is unable to share the information with his family members or neighbors; reporter Sacha Pfeiffer finds herself unable to go to church with her mother after having witnessed the magnitude of the investigation. Rezendes pushes to get the news out quickly in order to stop further abuse and Robinson is confronted by certain of his closest friends who he finds out were involved in hiding the abuse.

In the event that the September 11 attacks occur, the team is forced to de-prioritize the story. They regain momentum when Rezendes finds out from Garabedian that the public has access to documents which confirm Cardinal Law was made aware of the abuse but did not acknowledge it. Although Rezendes insists to publish the story as soon as possible to avoid more victims suffering and other newspapers publishing similar stories, Robinson refuses. He says that the team needs to continue to study the issue further to expose the root causes. When the Globe is successful in an appeal to have more legal documents released that give evidence of the larger picture The Spotlight team finally begins writing the story and expect to publish their findings in early 2002.

As they are about to be published, Robinson admits he learned during the investigation that he was sent an entire list of priests sexually abusive by lawyer Eric MacLeish in 1993, which Robinson never followed up. Baron is still awestruck by Robinson and the Spotlight team’s efforts to expose the crimes currently. The story goes to print with a link to the documents that reveal Law’s inaction and a phone number for victims of priests who abuse their children. The team receives a flood of calls from victims requesting their experiences.

The textual epilogue explains that Law quit in December 2002 and was eventually elevated to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome and presents a list of 105 U.S. communities as well as 101 others around the world where scandals that have been involving abuse by priests have occurred.


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